What is the Authentic Christian?

I've had countless interactions with people who have preconceived notions about the life of a believer. The truth is, we all are marked by Christ in some way shape or form. Some follow, some angrily reject and some are simply indifferent. I find that many are intrigued by the lifestyle of a professing Christian over… Continue reading What is the Authentic Christian?


Parenting According to the Gospel

More often than not I feel humorously ill-equipped to publish certain posts. To pretend that I am an expert on a certain topic, such as parenting, feels almost comical. I assure you that this post will be of no difference. Yet I can also entertain the idea and even push that this is certainly a… Continue reading Parenting According to the Gospel

Is Christianity a Blind Faith? – By Nelson Medina

Contrary to popular belief, I was not raised as a Christian. God wasn’t apart of my daily decisions. At the same time I probably would’ve said that I was spiritual and not religious; giving no explanation to my worldview or lack thereof. It wouldn’t be until years later that I’d see that Christianity, that God,… Continue reading Is Christianity a Blind Faith? – By Nelson Medina

Musings of a Chronically ill Christian

Six years ago I used to run. Not just from adult responsibilities, but actual put-on-your-sneakers-and-go-outside run. In a span of six years I got certified in Animal Care & Handling Techniques, went to college, changed my place of employment, had children and then got licensed to work in the Veterinary field alongside gifted doctors. My… Continue reading Musings of a Chronically ill Christian

The goal is not Marriage: Encouragement for the Single Christian

I once overheard an older woman tell a gentleman that was our friend at the time, to simply pray for a spouse. She quickly shot down the response in which he was content in the Lord during his season of singleness. He walked away feeling rather discouraged and said that if God had a wife… Continue reading The goal is not Marriage: Encouragement for the Single Christian